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RI Carpet Cleaning Specialists

Would you be surprised to learn that most carpet cleaning companies have no formal training? They are not required to be licensed? That there is no requirement for companies to have any certification what so ever? Is Training and certification important? After all, isn’t carpet cleaning a “menial” task anyone can perform?
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Oriental Rug Washing

Did you know Dream Carpets has the only full immersion rug cleaning plant in Rhode Island and have Certified Rug Cleaning Technicians? In-Plant Rug Cleaning is the only way to have a hand-made, natural fiber rug properly cleaned. Handmade rugs need to be cleaned gently and the proper pre-inspection, dry soil removal and washing of the rug cannot be performed in the customer’s home.

Unfortunately, most carpet cleaning company’s clean hand-made oriental rugs the way the clean wall to wall carpet, they Steam-Clean it. We will only clean, inexpensive, synthetic rugs at your home. We prefer to clean them outside on a clean tarp which we provide, either on a concrete garage floor or paved driveway when available.

To have a hand-made, natural fiber rug properly cleaned, it needs to be picked up for in-plant cleaning. Handmade rugs need to be cleaned gently and the proper pre-inspection of construction and dye colorfastness cannot be properly performed in a customer’s home. Unfortunately, most carpet cleaning companies clean oriental rugs the way they clean wall to wall carpet, they steam clean it. This is not the proper way to clean a handmade rug. For the proper care of hand-made, natural fiber rugs, please visit our sister company website:

When you call, please know the size of your rug for an accurate price quote.


Commercial Carpet Cleaning

“I’ve Been Walked All Over!” That’s what your carpet would tell you if it could talk. Did you know you spend a third of your life at work? Whether you have a commercial office or retail establishment, clean carpet just makes sense. Having your carpets cleaned regularly by Dream Carpets will not only maintain a cleaner, healthier environment, but also extend the life of your investment.

For just a few cents per square foot you can enjoy a cleaner, healthier and more attractive environment.

Call Dream Carpets today to schedule a commercial carpet analysis and free demonstration of our service at 1.866.741.8400

*** LEED Certified Cleaners available by request.

Partial Client List

Boathouse Restaurant

First Bristol Corp

Foot & Ankle Institute

Hampton Inn Providence

Hampton Inn Middletown

Hampton Inn Raynham

Howard Johnson Middletown

Magoni’s Restaurant

Residence Inn Middletown

Stone Harbour Condominiums

The Mooring Seafood Kitchen


DREAM SEAL Carpet & Fabric Protection

Most carpet today comes with a factory applied protective coating. Most furniture does not come with stain protection. Protectors are topical coatings which are prone to wear by abrasion. That being said, the day to day use of your carpets & upholstery are abrading the factory finish.

That’s why we recommend having your carpets & upholstery re-protected with our exclusive DREAM SEAL Protector. The benefits of having your Carpet & Fabric Protection re-newed after every proccess include; reduction of permanent stains, saves traffic areas, makes spots easier to remove, and makes you’re next cleaning more successful.

For pennies on the dollar, have your textiles protected after every cleaning!

It will not only make your Carpet & Fabrics clean easier, but also extend the life of your investment.